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All prices are in EURO and VAT / VAT included and itemized in the invoice.

The prices of the products are for sale in our e-commerce establishment include taxes, which is paid while purchasing the product is made. The purchasing system is subjected to the laws in force in Spain , therefore sales transactions shall be made ​​in EL SECRETO DE CAROL, trade name VEGA DIGITAL SC , CIF J- 86004157 and registered in Puerta del Sol 4 Pc. 28013 - Madrid.


EL SECRETO DE CAROL at all times reserves the right to unilaterally modify the price of products and services offered through your website. To ensure the customer the assurance and security prices of their products, this will be the effect on the advertising at the time of the order.




EL SECRETO DE CAROL offers you a lot of payment methods, all of them extremely safe and transparent.

When in the Buy page you can choose from the following payment methods:


Bank Transfer

If you want to send us the amount of your order directly to our bank account , select this method of payment.


It is VERY IMPORTANT , as I explained our website , you indicate your order number in the transfer concept , so we immediately identify your income with your order and we will send you your purchase quickly.


To streamline this process as much as possible , we also ask you to do us arrive , as your means , a copy of proof of transfer as well as prepare your package we receive it.


Payment by Credit Card

The most widespread on the Internet, could not miss in our store. Cinema, the weekly shop, that romantic dinner , to the career of a taxi! . Paying by card is present in your life , day by day. So EL SECRETO DE CAROL  , has decided to opt for this form of payment in OnLine Store, because it is comfortable , useful , safe and fast .


To do this , we rely on the expertise and reliability of BANCO SANTANDER , you provided an environment for payment and transaction COMPLETELY SAFE and ENCRYPTED .


But if you're not convinced, let us tell you a secret : all transactions are conducted in the pages of BANCO SANTANDER , ie , in our online shop , you will choose the products, will add to the car and , if you choose this payment method , you will be redirected automatically to the web environment BANCO SANTANDER , perfectly cooked and developed so that you can pay with your credit card without doubt or insecurity. EL SECRETO DE CAROL  , in their quest to make this payment in the safest of all , NEVER store any banking data for any of their clients .


Go for it and use this payment method , security is guaranteed.


Payment by Paypal 

We left for the newest and increasingly widespread form of final payment .


But first things first what is Paypal?


PayPal is an American company belonging to the Internet e-commerce sector that allows the transfer of money between email users with an alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks or money orders. PayPal also processes payment requests in electronic commerce and other web services . ( ... ) Its headquarters are located in San Jose (California, USA), its headquarters are in Omaha (Nebraska, USA) and Central European operations are based in Dublin ( Ireland).