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Bandage dresses

Wear figure with the bandage dresses!

The so-called Bandage Dresses, or Bandage Dresses, are garments made by strips of materials, similar to bandages, which are traditionally associated with corsets in order to create dresses that mold and shape the figure of women.

The designer Hervé Peugnet (Herve Leger) was the pioneer in the creation of this type of dresses, According to the story, he was walking through a factory in 1985 when he saw some discarded bands of cloth underwear. Then, a brilliant idea came to mind, using them to create a tight dress to the body. That's how he created fashion and name.

They are dresses designed to accentuate the curves of the woman's body, showing her sensuality in a delicate and elegant way. They continue being part of the latest fashion trends, widely used by "Celebrities", such as Victoria Beckam, Irina Shark, Kim Kardashian, Hale Berry, Eva Longoria, etc.

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