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 Founded in 2010, "El Secreto de Carol" is your new signature dress Corsets, created to make you feel stylish and attractive at affordable prices and high quality garments. We want to banish the idea that the corset is a garment to be used only in private, and so we're going to show on our website, Corsets many models of clothing that are comfortable and easy to put on and that once you try them, will become an essential item in your wardrobe, given their versatility.  


The Corsets can be used for many occasions and situations for everyday or special occasion use, with many combinations: with jeans, leggings, skirts, etc ...  


There is a Corset for every type of woman and "El Secreto de Carol" have in stock over 100 models of different styles, renewed each season, incorporating the latest trends and maintaining the classic models for you.


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